5 Tips on Perfecting your Professional Online Image

Have you ever looked at different professionals online profiles and thought to yourself which seems a little fishy and which seems like you found the right person? This has to do with the way they present themselves online. Social media is one of the quickest ways to find out about a person and gives the viewer a distinct first impression based on what they see. Here are some tips to make your online image professional.

1. Your Photo - having a professional photo on you social media accounts (especially something like LinkedIn) is very important. It allows people to see that you take your position seriously and gives them the thought that you know what you are doing. Make sure you are smiling in your image. Having a smile makes you approachable, it makes clients feel comfortable to contact you rather then intimidated.

Look at the following two images. Who would you rather approach based on their photo (smiling or not smiling)?

5 Tips on Perfecting your Professional Online Image

5 Tips on Perfecting your Professional Online Image

2. Your Biography - make it fun, make it informative, make it light. No one wants to read a heavy two-page biography. People have short attention spans and will not read something if it is boring or too lengthy. Make sure you have a catchy first sentence and last sentence. Fill your biography with the most important information about yourself, but make it interesting and something you yourself would want to read!

Click the link for example professional biographies.  https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/professional-bio-examples

3. Create a site - creating a website is very important. Why you may ask? Well, it is a place to store all of your work, accomplishments and showcase you in a professional way. Having a website is an easy way to showcase your work to possible clients and or possible bosses. A quick link to your website is easier than pulling up old files, projects and or work to show. Key things to your website are: your photo is on your website with your biography, a page with work you have may done, a page with your accomplishments or achievements and then a page with anything else you feel is important (professional). Link your website to all your social media pages!

4. Social Media Posts - before I say anything else…. Delete those college drunk photos! Keep your profile to photos that you wouldn’t mind any one seeing – from your friends to your mom to your boss. The easiest way to loose a chance for getting a job or a client is inappropriate photos online. Post frequently but professionally, share and post things that you find interesting or important but not inappropriate. Join or add groups/ people that relate to your career or that you may find of interest in relation to your profession (grow your network).

5. Be Yourself - although you need to stay professional, don’t forget who you are. People do not want to see the same profile 100 times, they are more interested in those unique accounts. Create your online image to fit who you are. Keep it colourful and interesting. Create a logo for yourself showcasing what you are about. Show off what you are interested in (sports, music, activities) and choose photos that are appropriate but show off your personality and lifestyle.

Article written by Melissa McKay, Owner of Revue Design and Communications.